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Hi Mr. Ray...

The new Kalien the Alien was a big hit at Christmas. Thought you might
like to see the smile on Christmas morning that Kalien brought to my
daugther, Emmy-Jo's, face!! Kalien now helps keep the monsters away at
night. My 19 month old nephew hasn't seen your video yet, but when he
opened Kalien, his eyes lit up and a smile crossed his face and he hugged
Kalien soo hard.... so for his birhtday he's getting your video too!!

Thank you for loving these little people as much as you do.... it's great
to have such a wonderful role model for our children.

Anita K

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mr. RAY,

A group of Aliens just showed up at my door.
They seem to have made themselves a new friend in Amy.
And have not left her hands since she got them. Amy says they are cute and Fuzzy.
I fear we are going to have to get Amy a bigger bed with all the stuffed animals she sleeps with.
This is just another great Quality product from our pal mr RAY. Keep up the good work.

Whats kaliens favorite part of the computer?
The Space bar!
Love, Amy

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