mr. RAY (Ray Andersen) has been writing and performing under this name since 1994 -
but that is only part of the story. In 1994, Ray was asked to come in and perform at a pre-school.
In no time, he became known as "mr. RAY," holding an eye-catching, colorfully-stickered guitar.
The kids (and Ray) were quickly hooked.
Singing about friendship, dinosaurs and rainbows never sounded so cool before…
He grew up in West Orange, New Jersey in the home that legendary songwriters
Carole King and Gerry Goffin lived and where most of the "Tapestry" album was written.
Ray's love of music was apparent at an early age when he was introduced to The Beatles. Eventually the bug of songwriting hit him hard. Along the way,
he went on to the famed American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, which further emboldened his love of the arts.

Ray wrote and co-produced his own album entitled, Start Dreaming! It was released in April 2001.

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THE 80s...playing with Bruce Springsteen
In the 80's, Ray went onto a very important journey in life as a member of the notable Asbury Park NJ, Stone Pony house-band,
"Cats On A Smooth Surface." Bruce Springsteen played withRay and the band so much,
he often raved to the press that they were his favorite group of musicians to jam with when he was off tour.This experience led Ray to
years of performing and touring with the likes of Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi,
matchbox twenty and his own original band, Blue Van Gogh. All of these experiences led him to the musical galaxy of mr. RAY...

In 1995, Ray formed a pop/rock duo, Blue Van Gogh, and released an album called Hi-Fi Junkie Sonata,
distributed by Edel Records. The music & and video was met with international acclaim.
They toured throughout Germany as the opening act for matchbox twenty in April of 1998.

Ray even had the opportunity to be in Chuck Berry's band for a gig in South Dakota in 1996.
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In 1998, Ray got a call to play guitar, keyboards & sing backup for international rock star, Meat Loaf. Besides giving him the
thrill of performing in some of America & Europe’s greatest venues, Ray, as part of Meat Loaf's band, did a lot of TV such as
David Letterman, Jay Leno, Top Of The Pops, TGIF, VH1's Storytellers, Hard Rock Live and many more. In October of 1999,
the #1-rated VH1 Storyteller episode of all time, Meat Loaf's, went on the road through 2000,
& Ray along with Mr. Loaf can be seen forever preserved on the Storytellers DVD and CD



The Wall Street Journal profiled him on the front of one of their Marketplace section, with a color photo, as well.

He was signed to Universal Music TV (UMTV) from 2007-2010 and toured the UK.

mr. RAY was 2013 & 2014's 10th best-selling kids' artist according to Billboard Magazine...

Ray has sold well over 100,000 CD's of his kids' albums, and all of his kids' classic public domain songs, over 150 of them,
are currently available in Walmart, Best Buy & Dollar General stores nationwide....

SONGS FOR SEEDS- Original music for franchised music program
Ray's original music program, 'Songs for Seeds', was voted the
Best Music Program For Kids 2010 in NYC by New York Magazine. Licensed via Apple Seeds indoor playground in NYC,
it's currently franchised throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Dubai & India.

Ray's adoption song, "Born From Our Heart" has set a precedent
by combining an adult theme within children's music.
The song has been a staple on Sirius/XM Radio's KidsPlace LiVE.
His song "Make The World Safe" has been played on that station nearly every day since 2010.

On March 19th 2009, mr. RAY was invited to sing at the United Nations in NYC for an event called A Season for Non-Violence.
He was backed up by 15 children singers, performing John Lennon's 'Imagine' 'Give Peace a Chance' and two originals, 'Music's A Language' and 'Make The World Safe.'



Ray continues to perform weekly in the tri-state area at private parties as well as national events like Austin City Limit's Austin Kiddie Limits and Major League Baseball Fan Fest.

Ray's songs for kids are the backdrop for many, many  TV commercials such as Nike Golf. In January 2011, he landed a national singing spot, singing the classic,
This Magic Moment, for the Publisher's Clearing House TV commercial and in July 2012 recut and sang the James Taylor gem, How Sweet It Is, for Publisher's Clearing House.  
As of 2015, he continues to provide many of the songs tor their TV commercial.

The first book based on his Roy G Biv song is called Find Your Music. The author is Don Hoffman who's sold
over a million books as a prolific children's author and it will be illustrated by Todd Dakins. The book was released in 2016 and is the first title in a series of mr. RAY Storyteller Books.

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mr. RAY Licenses Songs To Kids' Tablet
Ray Licenses Original Songs to Ematic's Kid-Safe Tablet
Very excited about this - Ematic, a really cool technology/electronics company, has just come out with a very groovy,
fun & educational kid-safe tablet called the FunTab pro ($150)...totally for kids...
and they licensed 15 of my original mr. RAY kid songs....

Ray's newest collection of songs is now available on iTunes...called NO ROOM FOR BULLIES,
and is fully endorsed by the Tyler Clementi Foundation
and has featured videos on Ellen Degeners' site,!
It's a music/video/live show project that addresses non-bullying while inspiring kids to be tolerant of each other's differences.
NO ROOM FOR BULLIES is a cross-promotable new vehicle in driving a message of love to kids,
tweens and teens. In this time of change, NO ROOM FOR BULLIES
is an imperative theme of kindness that the world is ready to embrace.

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mr. RAY writes the official song of his adopted hometown, Highland Park NJ!
Here's a proclamation given to him in a formal ceremony by Mayor Gayle Britt-Mittler on March 26, 2017.

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